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A Luxury Escape for The Free Spirit

Published on May 23rd, 2019

Are you looking for amazing luxury cruises? Welcome on board The Oracle and sail across the Indonesian archipelago in an intimate getaway experience that we promise will take your breath away!


The Oracle redefines luxury cruises through a journey on a thoughtfully designed 35-meter custom-built Phinisi boat. Declared an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2017, Phinisi, the art of boat-building in South Sulawesi, is a local treasure. Phinisi is a traditional Indonesian sailboat with two or three masts, built with a particular Sulawesi rope system and sailing screen. Popularized by the Konjo tribe, a sub-ethnic group of Bugis-Makassar residing in Bulukumba regency of South Sulawesi, Phinisi is traditionally used for inter-insular transportation, cargo, and fishing purposes. It is also known as a sturdy traditional ship that is proven in its ability to sail great distances; ideal for traveling around an archipelagic nation and exceptional even by international sailing standard. This age-old shipbuilding technology is a prestigious masterpiece born out of a culture known to raise master shipmen as well as a symbol of its values: strength, fighting spirit, understanding of the natural environment and its forces, and a fierce courage to break high waves and sail vast distance. The Phinisi legacy is a wonder, but it is no wonder that this excellent quality deserves awe and respect from people all around the world—including Blue Karma owners, who take inspiration from the Phinisi and turn it into The Oracle.


Arguably one of Indonesia’s most luxurious Phinisi boats, The Oracle will treat you to a holistic luxury cruise experience. Designed to cater to couples, newlyweds, or small families who are looking for a little luxury cruises glam to spice up their holiday, The Oracle offers her visceral layout and extensive deck as well as her seasoned crew of 10, which includes a private chef and massage therapists, to ensure your ultimate comfort throughout this journey of a lifetime.


The two suites accommodate up to four guests, with an additional accommodation for up to two guests below the deck. Inside, each suite has a panoramic window, an en-suite bathroom, and a secluded al fresco terrace, which will help you find what you are longing for in luxury cruises: the space for ultimate discovery and the opportunity to seek solitude and revive your spirit. Guaranteed, the journey will leave you feeling refreshed, transformed, and well-connected with yourself and your loved ones.


The Oracle also comes with a 36sqm indoor living room equipped with sofa lounges and bar area, canopied foredeck overlooking the emerald vastness, and upper deck with daybeds. Plenty of space for lying and playing in the sun, allowing your mind to rest and wander, and gifting yourself time to rejuvenate.


Multi-dimensional and multi-functional, The Oracle is not just for those who wish to have a peaceful rest and get reconnected. Her versatile space is also geared up to help you connect with nature and well-equipped to accommodate your water sports adventures. If Indonesia’s magical seascape is your thing, you are welcome to explore on our kayaks, paddle boards, or water ski boats. For those who wish to take a peek underwater, snorkeling and diving equipments are provided. With her exquisite views, elegant interior, and top-notch service, The Oracle will also be the perfect backdrop for incredible personal memories: exclusive group retreat, engagement, wedding, launch party, birthday, and other intimate moments.


Setting sail in June/July 2019, The Oracle will take you across Indonesia’s spectacular lands and seas, from Komodo Islands to Raja Ampat. With a 360-degree view of Indonesia’s archipelago from your window seat, this is the time and space to escape the world and reconnect with nature and yourself. Breathe in Mother Earth’s magnificent beauty along your journey with The Oracle and come home with a nourished mind, body, and soul.


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