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As Bali observes Nyepi – Blue Karma provides a silent escape

Published on January 15th, 2019


If you had one opportunity to switch it all off, entirely; we mean total downtime; away from the rigours of our hyper-paced lives; just for a moment, a day even; would you embrace it?

Does the thought of a total disconnect from the omnipresent noise and distraction that plagues modern society, with its constant battering of social streams, emails, commotion and deadlines, sound like an undiscovered paradise?

Maybe? – Yes?

Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it?

What if we told you that such a heavenly ideal was not just a fantasy daydream, conjured up in a momentary hallucination caused by 8 hours of staring at the same screen, but was indeed something possible, real and most importantly, attainable?

Well, there is such a world. But it comes with a catch. – It only happens on one day each year.




It is no secret that the tropical island of Bali, Indonesia, plays host to some of the most culturally significant and spiritually divine experiences on the planet. It is a destination that has, in recent times, become a mecca for international tourists searching for that unique mix of creativity and modernity, while retaining an extraordinary and authentic way of life.

From dawn to new dawn the entire island of Bali shuts down.

It is a sacred place, with forgiving respect for all that reside, and all that visit the Island of the Gods. Differing communities share a considerate intention of creating peace and harmony for visitors from all over the globe; even the monkeys have their own hallowed temples. There is a constant buzz of energy that becomes intoxicating, and the smallest amount of time spent just about anywhere on the island, leaves visitors with a humbled sense of belonging and a newfound connection with their inner selves.




Though for the Balinese, one of the most anticipated occasions of the year marks a time for complete silence and total reflection, as the heartbeat of Indonesia comes to a dramatic standstill and the inhabitants of Bali close their doors for Nyepi or ‘Seclusion Day’, or as it is most commonly known – The Day Of Silence.

Nyepi marks New Year’s day in the Balinese Saka calendar.

A lot like the frivolities in the Northern Hemisphere (where many recognise January 1st as the beginning of a New Year) the days leading up to Nyepi are filled with buoyant celebration.

On the eve of Nyepi for example, the streets and beeches take on a completely different persona as they are flooded by huge papier-mache giants, called Ogoh-Ogoh. These Giants are paraded for all to see, and accompanied by loud music and cheering from thousands upon thousands of the islands Hindu residents. The Ogoh-Ogoh are then set alight and, it is believed, that as the smoke rises from the burning fire, evil spirits bringing any sickness or misery to the island during the past year will have been banished forever.

But as the international airport closes its entire flight schedule for 24 hours, from 06:00 am on the 7th of March 2019, you can be safe in the knowledge that nothing will disturb the gentle whispering of the soothing island breeze, because from dawn to new dawn the entire island shuts down.



Even if you’re the type of person that is easily tempted to return to your always on ways, any temptation to flick that switch is removed. Most, if not all shops are closed, the streets resemble a baron scene from the Walking Dead; no one will leave their home. The beaches are shut, any noise is kept to a minimum, and the best part – there is literally no traffic as per the religious stipulations.

And if you’re still not convinced, local watchmen known as Pecalang, police the island to ensure that the rules are strictly obeyed. Nyepi is a day for pure reflection and contemplation. A rare chance to unapologetically disappear and realign your inner karma.

No better time then, to slip away to the serenity of a Blue Karma Secrets Escape, who live by the values of reconnecting with oneself, with others and with nature, every single day of the year.

While the rest of the island adopts an almost comatic state, hotels on the island stay open but remain respectful of the Nyepi customs. It’s the perfect opportunity for a total switch off. A chance to restore your inner peace and reboot yourself once more.

The secret is in the silence.

Notes: When choosing to visit Bali during Nyepi, we advise that you arrive at least two days prior. Please be sure to book your transport in advance, and please be very aware that from 06:00 am local time on Thursday 7th March until 06:00 am on Friday 8th March, guests will be advised to remain within the hotel or villa grounds.

Your complete peace and comfort remain our utmost consideration during this magical time.

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