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A little Christmas hope in Bali

Published on December 24th, 2018

The most wonderful time of the year is almost here, and for Bali hotels; not a snowdrop in sight, it’s one of the busiest too. Global travellers flock from far and wide to spend the holiday season on this idyllic island paradise.

The sun-kissed, palm-laden Eden offers a luxury escape to tens of thousands of people, and the memories shared will forever hold a special place in each one of their hearts.

Christmas is a time for joy and laughter with those near and dear to us. But, the festive period also shines a spotlight on those less fortunate; which brings a moment for us to reflect, to show empathy and to be a little more conscious, beyond our want’s and desires.

As a world full of excited children sleep with one eye open, to see if reindeer, really know how to fly; the forgotten children and people of Bali, Indonesia, remain present for a different kind of miracle. One where the very spirit of Christmas lives on, every day of the year; and the only gift they ever wish for, is the chance of health and happiness, and a reason to smile once more.

For these people there is hope, and for Blue Karma Secrets that hope can be given a little helping hand towards reality, in support of one of our key partners Yayasan Solemen Indonesia (‘Solemen’)

Solemen is an Indonesian non-profit foundation that delivers outreach programs and direct support to many of Bali’s most in need. Sharing many of the same values and beliefs as Blue Karma Secrets, and inspired by the tremendous generosity, energy and sense of belonging that is naturalised by the local culture. Harmony; naturality; energy; holism; passion and sincerity – not just Blue Karma Secrets values, but the very essence of Christmas time.

As most Bali hotels spend countless hours deliberating over how to make the most lavish and exuberant Christmas tree on the island; for Alexa Genoyer, founder of Blue Karma Secrets; such contemplation led to a more conscientious intention.

“How can we create a meaningful Christmas tree, without being in competition with today’s opulent ornaments?”

The answer was authentic if a little creative. To decorate the trees in all of our Bali hotels with a symbol of hope that Solemen freely provides, and an opportunity for guests to give and feel the true meaning of Christmas.

With that, the Solemen ‘Hope’ teddy bears were hung from each available branch, and sit comfortably in each of our hotels’ rooms; the proceeds from every teddy bear bought would go to those in need here in Bali.

“I think, as I do every year, that the Christmas season is an opportunity for sharing and giving; especially for children in need of love and for those who feel isolated by society’s focus on consumerism. Every time I hung a teddy bear on that Christmas tree, I thought of a child in comfort.”

This humility is something that flows effortlessly throughout our Blue Karma Secrets Collection, and the Solemen partnership is just one of many ways we choose to give back and be gracious for all that we have and all that we are able to share with our guests. With a small amount of effort and a little selfless consideration, Christmas really can be a magical time for everyone.

And if you’re wondering how you can make Christmas even more special; create smiles, give hope and change lives forever with Solemen; why not come and join us, and celebrate the real meaning of Christmas next year.

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