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You Need a Bali Retreat with Pranayama Breathing

Published on November 19th, 2018

Joining a Bali wellness retreat is one of the best ways to give yourself a break from normal life, which we all need from time to time. But how do you know whether a retreat is really going to help you relax and “reset” before returning home? One technique you can learn at many yoga or meditation retreats, which can help you get the most out of your time there, is pranayama breathing.


Pranayama involves controlling the breath. In pranayama theory, the breath is viewed as the source of our universal life force, also known as our prana. Pranayama breathing is also called yoga breathing because it’s the foundation of any yoga practice.

Certain breathing sequences and techniques are used in pranayama that help you deepen and control the breath. It’s a powerful form of breathing. If you’re vacationing to Bali and planning to join a retreat with meditation and/or yoga, check to see whether the focus is on pranayama breathing. Here’s why it matters:


A belief behind pranayama breathing is that the quality of our prana affects our state of mind. Many people breathe shallowly, which can affect the flow of prana and lead to feelings of uncertainty, worry, and fear.

When the prana is deep and flowing continuously, it helps us maintain a smooth, calmer state of mind. Learning the pranayama breath during your retreat can give you the tools to keep your prana steady even after your vacation is over.


If you’re doing a retreat in Bali, your goal is likely to take some time away from regular life and experience the beauty and tranquility of the area. This can be hard to do if your body and mind are still in a state of stress or anxiety, which can be the case if you’ve been working hard for a long period of time.

Pranayama breathing through yoga or meditation can help calm the mind by focusing on one thing (the breath), which can help in reducing brain fog, improving attention and focus, and getting the most out of your relaxing vacation time.


Our breathing is linked to our emotions. If you come into your retreat feeling upset or stressed or unhappy, learning pranayama can help you release those emotions and bring in more peace.

Being able to control the rhythm of the breath can help you win out over negative emotions that show up in life, such as greed, jealousy, or anger. Instead, you can promote a state of peace, happiness, and tranquility. Use of the breath in this way can actually help in transforming your emotional state.


A Bali retreat that uses pranayama breathing, such as in our Yoga and Ayurveda Immersion which is very likely if it’s a meditation- or yoga-based retreat, is extremely beneficial and will teach you techniques that can benefit you in all areas of life. You’ll learn how to do these breathing exercises effectively and easily throughout your day.

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