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Inspiration from Traditions

Published on July 30th, 2019

Those in search for the best spa treatments in Bali are in luck when they come across Blue Karma Body and Soul treatments. The treatments offered in Blue Karma Body and Soul include a range of relaxation and rejuvenation techniques from all over the world, from Chinese reflexology to Japanese shiatsu massage and Ayurveda therapy. Blue Karma Body and Soul also provides services by in-house nutritionists and health specialists, such as colon cleansing treatments, customized slimming programs, and healthy food menu—all designed to get you back in the game—but the real highlight is our uniquely local and traditional body treatments that are not easily available anywhere else. From our signature ratus beauty treatment to the locally inspired Balinese boreh wrap treatment and the healing powers of traditional jamu drinks, this is the chance to indulge your senses and let yourself be supremely pampered, the Indonesian way.


Our ratus treatment is named after its backstory, “The Secret of Javanese Princess”. Originated in Java, Bali’s neighboring island, the treatment has been practiced for centuries by Javanese princesses in preparation for their wedding day. Benefits offered by ratus befit newlyweds, such as reducing vaginal tension, managing menstrual cycle, fighting vaginal infections, and tending to the risks of infertility. The tradition lives on for Indonesian brides today, in and outside Java, as a way to freshen up as well as to restore youthful vitality, scent, and shape. It can also help treat yeast infection, reduce excess moisture, and relax intimate parts. Made from a mix of green tea, patchouli, vetiver, and many Indonesian herbs, ratus spa treatment is definitely a beneficial indulgence for women.


Ratus is not the only wellness inspiration Java has to offer. Another valuable wellness product from the island is jamu, a traditional herbal drink with medical advantages that has been passed on for centuries throughout Indonesia, including Bali. Made from natural and local ingredients like seeds and roots (e.g. ginger, turmeric), as well as leaves, fruits, milk, raw honey, and eggs, jamu is well known for its magical cleansing benefits. Indonesians have been known to rely on jamu for its wide range of benefits, from liver detoxification and immune system improvement to the caring of the skin and feminine organ, stamina increase, and body strength rejuvenation. With its varying benefits, which depend on the ingredients used, jamu is safe for all ages.


To give you a hands-on experience making your own jamu drinks, our Blue Matcha Kitchen & Art Dining in Blue Karma Oasis Seminyak holds a complimentary Jamu Class every Monday and Thursday at 1.30 pm for guests. The Jamu Class is also held at Botanist, our restaurant in Blue Karma Nestling Ubud every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 1.30 pm for guests. The class will share some of the popular jamu recipes, along with explanation of their benefits, and the secret to make them. Jamu drinks are also served in both restaurants, so feel free to enjoy the drink.


Our next inspiration comes from this land, Bali. A well-kept secret of Balinese beauty and often used for healing, rejuvenating, and body reviving, our Boreh Wrap Treatment follows a traditional recipe that consists of herbs and spices. Rice farmers used to grind fresh boreh paste in their kitchens after a hard day’s work and apply it to their bodies to relieve sore joints and muscles. It was also used at night to stay warm. Boreh can also be used for exfoliation as well as to increase blood circulation, improve digestion, and stimulate the nervous system. Suffice it to say, our Boreh Wrap is one of the best spa treatments in Bali you’ll experience at Blue Karma Body and Soul.


Can’t get enough of boreh? We also offer Boreh Class, where you can learn how to prepare the traditional Balinese “Tiger Balm” body mask and scrub. Blue Karma Nestling Ubud offers the class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1.30 pm, while Blue Karma Oasis Seminyak offers the class every Tuesday and Friday at 1.30 pm, and all sessions are free of charge for our guests.


Ready to experience one of the best spa treatments in Bali? Email us at to book a treatment or two at Blue Karma Body and Soul!

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