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Pura Dalem Bentuyung Temple: A Spiritual Ubud Experience

Bali is well-known for its resorts and retreats, but the island’s another popular name is the Island of Gods. The place is aptly named because it is also home to many religious sites, such as Pura ...
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Celebrate Chinese New Year in Bali.

January 28th 2019, marks 'Little Year', a day where preparations begin for Chinese New Year; which is possibly not something you'd considered when booking your holiday in Bali,...

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Omed Omedan – An Alternative Kind of Valentine

Here at Blue Karma Secrets, we are incredibly passionate about embracing local cultures & ancestral traditions with complete harmony and respect.

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Rediscover the luxury of time

Think of Bali and what springs to mind?

Days of blue skies delicately lit by the warming sun; whos nightcap offers a da...

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