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6 Spiritual Retreat Ideas to Renew Your Mind and Body

Looking for a “reset” in your life? Do you need more clarity in your purpose and calm in your mind? Then a spiritual retreat might be just what you need. Then, the question becomes: what typ...
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Delicious recipe for Steamed Green Vegetables

Let’s face it, these days we’re living in an age where seemingly everything is catered towards the unhealthy and the impatient. We have microwave meals packed full of unhealthy additives, processed...
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Detox with a Seminyak Wellness Retreat

Imagine being able to remove yourself from the daily stress of life, relax each day surrounded by the beauty of an ancient island, and also be detoxing yourself of any toxins or stress that have ac...
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Luwak coffee “An exotic indonesian drink”

Luwak coffee (kopi Luwak) is a unique, fine and exotic coffee and the most expensive in the world, exported from Indonesia. Luwak coffee is also k...
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