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Detox with a Seminyak Wellness Retreat

Published on November 19th, 2018

Imagine being able to remove yourself from the daily stress of life, relax each day surrounded by the beauty of an ancient island, and also be detoxing yourself of any toxins or stress that have accumulated in your body over the years. That’s exactly what can happen with a Seminyak wellness retreat in Bali.

Maybe this is something you’ve been thinking about for years, but didn’t know if it was necessary or doable for you. Read on for some reasons we believe everyone can benefit from a wellness retreat, especially in beautiful Bali.


There’s a reason Bali is known as the Island of the Gods. There’s a spiritual magic about the place, with its vast blue sky, gorgeous beaches, lush green fields, and an air of relaxation and a higher purpose wherever you go. Those looking to work on their health and wellness really couldn’t pick a better spot.

By doing a retreat here, you can learn practical tools for transformational, positive change in your life. Wellness is truly about incorporating mind, body, and soul with the purpose of restoring balance and harmony between the three.

Whether you’re doing a raw food or juice fast, receiving healing massages, or meditating daily, a retreat helps you stay focused on the results and not be bothered by any distracting aspects of life you’d have back home.

You might be someone who has spent a long time trying to figure out just who you are. Possibly you’ve tried everything medical or alternative to find that balance, but you couldn’t do it alone. By engaging in a wellness retreat, you can experience guidance in implementing new practices into your life that will better center and steady you in life.

It’s much more than a fad diet or a “quick fix”; it’s a way of discovering yourself amongst a beautiful island setting!


At Blue Karma Resort, we are proud to offer all of the above through our very own Wellness Package retreat at our deluxe hotel and spa in Seminyak. It’s important to us that your experience be the absolute best through every step of the retreat and your stay with us.

It’s a perfect time to take advantage of your vacation time in Bali to also make room for detoxing of your mind and body. With our carefully-crafted package, you’ll get:

  • healthy juices and delicious raw foods every day
  • colonics
  • 90-minute aromatherapy massage
  • daily breakfast buffets

This also includes complimentary WiFi, three nights’ stay in our One Bedroom Suite, and a one-way airport transfer. We even have a buggy drop off to the beach service – because we know you’ll want to spend some of your time soaking up sun in the sand or a cleansing jump into the water.

You can choose between this Wellness Package at our Blue Karma Seminyak location or a similar package at our Ubud location. You can even request to experience the retreat from both locations. Just check out the details of both retreats here or contact us today for more details!

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