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Enchanting Scents for Eco-Friendly Hotel Amenities

Published on July 30th, 2019

Our experience of a space, time, and place is often influenced by a certain scent associated with it. Scents have the power to transport us to a certain sensations, feelings, and ambience, and this is what we seek to provide as well to our guests across our Blue Karma Secrets’ locations, from the amenities in each of our hotel room through to the products available in the Blue Karma Body and Soul. Combined with potent nature-inspired ingredients, our hotel amenities will complete the picture of relaxation and rejuvenation that you long for while staying with us.

Our hotel amenities include tawas (alum) – based soap, lotion, shampoo, and conditioner.
Tawas (alum) crystals, known to be able to purify water, prevent body odor, reduce excessive sweating and prickly heat, are also great for skin care. Containing vitamin A, C, and E, tawas (alum) rejuvenates the skin. Our tawas (alum) soaps are able to provide protection from bacteria and sweat, prevent acne, contains natural antiseptics that raises a cool sensation to your skin, and prevent wrinkles. Applied along with your favorite moisturizer, your skin will feel much tighter. Tawas (alum) based soaps are also often used to remove blackheads. Meanwhile, our Tawas (alum) based shampoo contains potassium alum, the natural antiseptic which ensures a gentle cleansing for your hair. The right choice for those who showers frequently, tawas (alum) products can be classified as a natural anti-odour spray suitable for every type of skin, including sensitive skin. As an all-natural products, there is no alcohol, no aluminium chlorohydrate and no added water.

As part of the holistic experience for the guests, in addition to our hotel amenities, we have also put a lot of thoughts into our spa amenities. Spa amenities available in our Mudara Spa Seminyak are especially inspired by our owner’s colorful trips to Rajasthan, India. While there, she came across the scents of Damascus Rose essential oil, and felt instantly transported. Roses for her meant a lot of things – the memory of time spent in rose garden with her grandmother in Germany to draw and observe nature, the sense of protection, a release, and the ambience of a paradise. This is the feeling and sensations that she seeks to recreate for the guests of Blue Karma, with the enchanting scents of Roses of Rajasthan collection exclusively prepared for Blue Karma by our partner Republic of Soaps. Available in body scrub, massage oil, massage cream, incense, and candles, the Roses of Rajasthan collection is made from a mixture of rose, sandalwood, rose geranium, vetiver, and black pepper. Meanwhile, for Flying Bamboo Spa, located in Ubud, we have prepared a fresh, light, and green scents to reflect the ambience of Ubud. Ingredients such as geranium, lavender, coriander, lemongrass, sandalwood, and cinnamon leaf are used inside the various spa products to recreate the effect of how Ubud inspires its guests.

A new addition to our hotel amenities creation is an exclusive collection prepared for The Oracle guests, with subtle scents to awaken your free spirit and open mind to a relaxing holiday and a precious experience on offer aboard The Oracle. To recreate the sensations of exotic holidays, scents of coconut, oceans, and breeze, freshness of cucumber, softness of Moroccan rose, refreshing green tea, as well as precious sandalwood are used and mixed to form a collection of completely safe products (for the animals and the oceans) ranging from shampoo, conditioner, liquid body soap, sunblock, after sun cooling aloe vera lotion to lip balm and coconut oil massage.

Especially created for Blue Karma, each of our amenities have eco-friendly qualities. There is no plastic packaging and each product is refillable (except for tawas) and if guests like it, we can definitely arrange for purchase. With our attention to the minute details of our hotel amenities, we believe that even the smallest of details can create harmony and preserve the balance of the world. A secret that you can only know by visiting us here at Blue Karma Secrets Bali.

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