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Our Story



The beautiful story of Blue Karma begins with a dream … a dream that one-day young gemologist, artist, painter, photographer, and traveller of the world, Alexa Aguila Genoyer, would own her own guest house. A guest house made of several white buildings, where religious harmonies are heard softly in the distance.
Marked by this unusual dream, Alexa had only one idea in mind, to find this place and make her dreams real. Travelling far and wide, she spent many years searching to find where this dream will become a reality. It was during her discovery of Bali that she finally found her “place to be”.

In 2012, in the heart of Seminyak, Alexa found an old and tired “pondok wisata”, a hidden gem waiting to be reborn again. After 15 months of hard work, construction and breathtaking energy, Alexa’s longtime dream finally manifested itself. What was once a rundown guesthouse, was transformed into a haven of peace and tranquillity, where nine ethnic chic villas stood bathed in sunlight and surrounded by tranquil green gardens.

Nestled within each villa, a private pool and one or more rooms designed thoughtfully, with care and talent. From the designer’s paintings, local ethnic handicrafts, Indonesian sculptures, every villa was and is immersed in intricate details, embodying local culture and ancestral traditions with complete harmony and respect. And just like her dream, if one listens closely, Hindu songs are heard melodically from afar…

It took only 4 years for Alexa to realise and create her dream, but this was only the beginning… in 2016 she met Michel, a businessman, and investor, who believed in her and her dreams. Quickly realising they share the same vision of the world, for Alexa, this meeting gave her the wings to fly, to create a new world. A world where everyone is conscious in their environment, more attuned to each other and in harmony with oneself. They dream of boats sailing perfectly in balance with nature, and of remote eco-resorts designed for complete rest and recuperation, a place to recharge, restart.

They dream of places around the world to escape from daily life, where time is yours. Away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. A place immersed in nature. A place of solace, rest and relaxation. A secret created just for you. Convinced that by reconnecting with oneself, with others and with nature, one can find harmony and preserve the balance of the universe, Alexa’s vision is clear.

Was it not Gandhi who said, “become the change you want to see in the world?”

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