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Our Philosophy



Taken by the tremendous generosity, energy and sense of belonging afforded to us by local cultures, Blue Karma Secrets philosophy is pinned by one ideal. To combine the breathtaking natural surroundings of the locations in which we create our escapes, with an unwavering consciousness and overwhelming respect for the very society in which they reside.

Intimate creations; each designed to reconnect with others, with nature and with oneself. Redefining the notion of luxury with the intention to nurture the journey of travellers no matter their path. Our ethnic, ethic chic hotels, our villas, boats and resorts are delicately curated to ignite every sense and to compliment the worlds we live in; each as individual as their home; each, as individual as you are.

Our holistic and contemporary approach to cultural immersion provides the missing link. A link that can only be filled by a grounded understanding that through communication comes relationships, with respect we find love and with confidence, there is always a reason to continue. A link that understands, even the smallest of details can create harmony and preserve equilibrium in the world. A secret really, our secret, yours too if you want it, but always Blue Karma Secrets.

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