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Refill Bali



“We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.”
Jacques Cousteau.

Blue Karma has joined forces with a group of sustainable businesses on Bali to create a network of water refill stations initially called Refill Bali, an initiative to make Bali a refillable island – in which filling up your water bottle from one of the refill stations is an everyday thing. Be it a hotel, a shop, warung or retreat, these mindful businesses offer the traveller a refill of clean water from a gallon or Nazava water filter. Refill Bali is a great showcase of the tourist industry making a commitment to preserving Bali’s eco-system.

We are very proud to see Refill Bali expanding in neighbouring islands and countries! Refill Bali is now Refill My Bottle. To map the initiative, Refill My Bottle has published an easily accessible google map of all places where you can refill your water bottle. Check the map to find the location of the nearest refill point or look for the Refill My Bottle sticker in the window to refill your bottle.

Why do we do it?
The Balinese people traditionally used only organic materials leaving no waste behind. With the introduction of plastics, rapid growth and globalisation, no time was left to teach sustainable ways of handling plastic waste to locals. As a result, non-biodegradable waste is now covering Bali and polluting rivers, oceans and being burned on daily basis. By supporting Refill My Bottle, you can help reduce plastic waste and raise awareness about protecting our natural resources.

Making a good thing happen!
On a lighter note, the Refill My Bottle network plans not only to offer clean water at the refill stations but also encourages the exchange of positive messages, really driving home the community spirit. Some water gallons or Nazava water filters will be equipped with three pockets, a few pieces of paper and pens for travellers to send messages of hope and inspiration by writing or creating a drawing for the next person to use the station.

“Write the names of those you love, the message for the coming days. Draw everything that you wouldn’t dare to say. Everywhere around us, there are signs of hope. Draw images from your dreams. Write the strengths of your dreams, your hopes with graffiti shapes. Write so that love could rise one day in this sleeping world.” Sandro Madaire, one of the founders of Refill My Bottle initiative, shares his inspiration in this message.

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