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The Silent Retreat Experience :
A Journey Towards Healing

Published on July 24th, 2019

When our mental and emotional well-being is disturbed by pain from traumatic life experience, stress, tension from unfulfilled expectations, or relationship issues, it could lead to unconscious blockages in the cells of our bodies and manifest in physical illnesses and conditions, such as viral infections like flu and hepatitis, cancer, insomnia, impotence, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or mental illnesses such as depression, addiction, and anxiety. Pak Merta Ada, the founder of Bali Usada, a meditation center based on traditional Balinese, Indian, and Chinese wisdom, believes that we can learn to develop a practice that helps us free ourselves from unconscious blockages and strengthen the self-healing abilities of our cells so that holistic healing of our mind, body, and spirit could take place.

A leading meditation expert and teacher highly skilled in applying health meditation as an alternative treatment, Pak Merta Ada has a track record in guiding meditators to heal themselves from various conditions. He developed a unique meditation method called “Harmonious Mind Meditation”, which combines concentration, wisdom meditation (especially the wisdom of impermanence), mindfulness and gentleness (love in ourselves, for ourselves, and others), with a focus on healing. This Harmonious Mind Meditation, along with the loving kindness and health meditations, is Pak Merta Ada’s recipe for building self-healing abilities, which he will share in our Seven-Day Silent Meditation Retreat with Usada Tapa Brata at Bali Ethnic Villa on 20 – 26 October 2019. The silent retreat is a collaboration program between Blue Karma Secrets and Bali Usada.

Usada is a Balinese word which means health, and tapa brata means “an intensive retreat in silence, training our mind and body by meditation, to achieve peace and happiness from within through the development of a harmonious mind”. During the seven-day intensive residential retreat in Bali Ethic Villa, participants will be exploring, understanding, and trying to restore their mental, emotional, and physical health as well as learning to find happiness within themselves. Through a combination of intensive meditation schedule, a few discourses from the teacher, as well as a number of healing sessions, participants will work through their issues by learning to fully accept themselves and develop love, gentleness, understanding, and goodwill to forgive themselves, upon which they will learn to build their self-healing skill.

The ideal result will be freedom from unconscious blockages, improved energy level, metabolism, and immune system, as well as the discovery of an inner world of happiness, peace, and harmony from within, which ultimately will lead to a relief from old wounds, enhanced physical, mental, and emotional well-being, and happier relationships.

Interested to experience the transformative journey of a silent retreat that equips you with an ability to self-heal? Confirm your registration by the latest 20 September 2019 at USD 2,000 for twin sharing room and USD 3,050 for single occupancy room (inclusive of tax and services), this seven-day silent retreat is life changing and a priceless lifetime investment in your well-being!

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