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Every Day is World Water Day at Blue Karma Seminyak

Published on March 21st, 2019

With World Water Day 2019 soon approaching, it is the perfect time for us to think of the significance and the part we could play in the campaign. The theme for World Water Day 2019, “Leaving no one behind”, focuses on the accessibility issue of safe water (safely managed drinking water service). We are the lucky ones. In many parts of the world, billions of people are still living without water that is accessible, available, and free of contamination. So, what can we do to support World Water Day 2019? What changes do we need to make in our daily lives to contribute to water conservation? Here are some of our ideas:

Every Day is World Water Day at Blue Karma Seminyak

Turning off to carry on

This little gesture plays a bigger role than we thought. You may not be aware, but research shows that water comes out of the average faucet at 2.5 gallons per minute—it is such a shame to let it all go to waste! By turning off the tap whenever the water is not needed while brushing your teeth, scrubbing your hands, or washing the dishes, you are making a conscious choice to preserve water.


From one day to every day

On World Water Day 2019 we are going to take a shower just like any other day. But how about we start making a difference that could last even when the day is through? We are talking about shorter showers. Speeding things up in the shower can result in some serious water saving, leaving you with a clean body and conscience!


Fix the leak, fix the world

Fixing your leaky pipes and faucets—DIY style or with the help of a plumber—can do you and the whole world good. You save yourself from water disasters at home (and that drip, drip, drip noise) and at the same time make a positive contribution toward water conservation. It’s a win-win solution.


Come rain, come shine

Washing your car can be a very tedious job. Especially on World Water Day, it can also make you feel guilty for using so much water. Rainwater harvesting might be the answer for you. When it rains, collect water in a clean tank and use it to wash your car the next time the sun is out. If you are not ready for this task, you can start by taking your car to a car wash facility that recycles their water.


Clean up your act

Are you still drinking out of those disposable plastic bottles? It’s time to cut it out. Bottled water consumption is one of the biggest contributors to the alarming increase rate of plastic waste. Approximately 300 million tons of plastic are globally produced each year and Indonesia is the second largest contributor after China when it comes to plastic waste disposal into the world’s oceans. Stop buying water in single-use plastic bottles and invest in a good quality reusable bottle. In a connection that oftentimes we don’t realize, saving the environment from plastic pollution goes hand in hand with access to safe water.


Going where the water flows

Now that you are a proud owner of a reusable bottle, fill it up from your water gallon before you leave the house and refill it at work or the nearest water refill station when you are on the go. We at Blue Karma Seminyak believe that water is a human right. We partner up with Refill My Bottle as one of the water refill stations, with the aim of providing access to clean drinking water for anyone and everyone—with little or no fee. At the same time, we support their aim to reduce plastic problems; allowing more people to lead a healthy, conscious lifestyle and empower communities to take action on reducing plastic waste. Find Blue Karma Seminyak and other nearest water refill stations by consulting the GPS-based map featured in RefillMyBottle app.


Save the date, save water

If we can do it, anyone can. So, the next step is to multiply the acts by spreading the word about World Water Day 2019—which falls on March 22nd every year—and water conservation. In the spirit of “Leaving no one behind”, we believe we should not leave out children from these acts. Including this subject in primary education is the ideal starting point in bringing the awareness to our children. The wide range of topics, from the water cycle and water consumption to water conservation and plastic waste, will instill the consciousness in their minds and arouse their creativity in solving water-related problems, making them the living examples and leaders of the future.


For that reason and more, the smarter and more conscious we are about water conservation, we will not only be saving water but also living in harmony with the entire planet. When we witness something real and has that large of an impact, it is in our nature to help make a change and start doing things differently. World Water Day might only be happening once a year, but let’s use that day as an opportunity to commit ourselves to making that change that will go beyond years.

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