Our Story

Blue Karma believes that preserving the overall balance of each individual is possible to achieve by helping them to reconnect with self, other, and nature. Inside our intimate escape collections, travellers find a sanctuary where they can reconnect, go through a redeeming getaway experience, and discover a holistic approach to well-being.

Inspiration and peacefulness await them while they enjoy the blends from all the elements of Blue Karma that promise rejuvenation: the natural surroundings, the exquisite hospitality, the world-class wellness programs, the state-of-the art design, the Balinese cultural ambience, and the tranquility of privacy.

Transformed and ready to embark with full consciousness in life after a time spent with us, their whole beings are nourished and motivated to spread the love to their community, setting a wave of wellness around the world.

Our Philosophy

Blue Karma has been founded on five core values that inform and underpin the philosophy of everything that we do: Harmony, Energy, Creativity, Consciousness, and Sharing.

We create luxury escapes that are designed thoughtfully and create harmony with every element, exude positive energy and ambience, nurtured by a sense of creativity that permeates every destination, maintain a strong consciousness with the environment, ethics, and humanism values, and live the spirit of sharing by offering the best of our own unique style of hospitality - imbued with care and comfort, by staff who are able to provide kindness and discretion.

Blue Karma evaluates various aspects of our brands - products and services, communication styles, environment, network, distribution, as well as recruitment standards, through the prism of our five core values to ensure that all elements are aligned and faithful in living them up.



Blue Karma is proudly supported by Charme & Caractere Hotels, an alliance of hotels with charms and characters. They champion hotels and resorts with soul, architecture, and personality. Members of the alliance represent a strong root in the local’s culture, history and environment.

Sales Network

We also maintain a sales network of experienced, credible, and trustworthy sales agents around the world.

Our Suppliers

We understand the importance of upholding our core values in every element of the brand and are selective about the products we support. Our suppliers are carefully evaluated and chosen, and we only work with suppliers whose value we can get behind and whose qualities of work show the same level of dedication, creativity, and harmony that we seek to achieve.


Since the launching of our first boutique hotel in the heart of Seminyak in 2011, and known for the quality of its facilities and services, Blue Karma group has managed its strong organic growth with the opening of its unique luxury villas estate, its stunning boutique hotel in Ubud and its magnificent boat.

New development projects are in progress with an extension of Blue Karma Nestling on a neighbouring riverside property; the group is also working on a major development located in one of Indonesia's most beautiful islands.

In addition to this organic growth, Blue Karma is attentive to proposals for partnerships with hôteliers or investors who share the same vision and philosophy as the group.

Moreover, to support its economic growth, the group regularly recruits profiles that meet the operational needs of our industry.

In this context, please feel free to contact us for more information.

See you soon.

Alexa Genoyer - CEO

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If you have any questions about your stay with Blue Karma or simply wish to get in touch, please fill in the contact form and one of our team will get back to you within 24 hours. We speak English, Indonesian and French.

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