The founder of Bali Usada, Pak Merta Ada, has over the years become a leading meditation practitioner in Indonesia, combining concentration meditation and wisdom meditation into “Harmonious Mind Meditation”. His skill in applying health meditation as an alternative treatment as well as a remarkable track record of meditators who were able, under his guidance, to heal themselves from various sicknesses have also won him recognition outside Indonesia.

    Since 1993, he has been teaching meditation in various places throughout the country and abroad, namely England, Germany, and New Zealand. To this day, he has already taught meditation to more than 127,000 people directly and through digital media, such as television, radio, Facebook, and YouTube.

    In 2001, Pak Merta Ada received “K. Nadha Nugraha Award” from Bali Post due to his achievement in teaching and helping thousands of people with meditation. This prestigious award is dedicated only to a limited number of people with outstanding contribution to people in Bali.

    The Health Meditation Technique Pak Merta Ada teaches, which combines meridian, cakra, mental, as well as mind and memory, is aimed at healing our body generally and specifically.

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