Silent Retreat

Silent Retreat

Join us for a transformative journey towards peace and self-healing in our bespoke silent meditation retreat program at Blue Karma Villas Umalas, a Blue Karma Luxury Collection.

Led by meditation master and healer from Bali Usada, a meditation center based on traditional Balinese, Indian, and Chinese wisdom, our silent meditation retreat will take you to a healing and transformative journey.
Acquiring and maintaining good health and happiness we are longing for is challenging due to the barriers we create that keep us separated from happiness. Stress, high expectations and tensions resulting from unfulfilled expectations, as well as relationship or social life issues, all of them affect our physical and mental well-being. Without self-awareness, appropriate understanding, and protection, those mental and physical challenges may lead to sickness and suffering.


The well-structured residential retreat at Blue Karma Villas Umalas is designed as an initial toolbox to gradually remove individual barriers that affect physical and mental well-being, and to improve health and happiness.

It also develops a harmonious mind, which bears the combined qualities of concentration, mindfulness, loving kindness, and wisdom. In the retreat, we will learn to observe and gradually understand the present reality inside our mental-physical structure through conscious breathing and physical sensations.

Held in a luxurious villa estate, Blue Karma Villas Umalas, an idyllic sanctuary, paradise even; allowing you to absorb all vibrant energies around. The villas are inspired by wood, which flows seamlessly from the structure of the villas and the majestic statues gracing the grounds, to the lush and abundant gardens. The vegetarian based menu during the retreat, specially prepared by our executive chef, will leave you content and pleased.



The Healing Meditation will leave us with healthier mind and body, calmness, balance, and focus. Our energy level, metabolism, and immune system will be improved. Furthermore, we will discover a new inner world of happiness, peace, and harmony from within. Relieved from pain caused by traumatic old memories, which altogether will not only result in enhanced physical and mental well-being, but also in healthier relationships.

We will also gain the ability to heal ourselves from conditions like: nervousness, depression, addictions, viral affections such as flu, herpes, hepatitis, hereditary ailments, insomnia, cancer, tumors, impotency, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, any sufferings caused by traumatic life experiences.

3 Days 2 Nights

  • 2 nights luxurious accommodation at Blue Karma Villas Umalas
  • Daily meditation
  • Welcome dinner on the first day*
  • Fruit-only breakfast on the second and third day
  • Breakfast on the second and third day*
  • Lunch on the second day*
  • Snack and juice throughout the second day
  • Noble silence
  • Daily meditation
  • Daily Usada exercise
  • One way airport transfer
*All vegetarian meals

7 Days 6 Nights

  • 6 nights luxurious accommodation at Blue Karma Villas Umalas
  • Meditation mats
  • Welcome dinner on the first day*
  • Fruit-only breakfast on the second to seventh day (6 times)
  • Breakfast on the second to seventh day* (6 times)
  • Lunch on the second to sixth day* (5 times)
  • Snack and juice throughout the second to sixth day (5 times)
  • Farewell dinner on the sixth day*
  • Noble silence
  • Daily meditation
  • Daily Usada exercise
  • Daily etheric exercise
  • One way airport transfer
*All vegetarian meals


What People Say

  • Anne-Marie - Panama
    I have been involved in a spiritual journey this year, when I found this retreat. Took me some times to decide, but the call was so strong. The place looked amazing, it really resonated with me, and it has been beautiful. The energy of this place was perfect, being able to finish the meditation, stood near the pool, with the trees and the nature. It’s just perfect! While doing this retreat I realize that it does not really matter where you are coming from, any religions and beliefs, the message is the same: we all are connected. Conscious to conscious. We all love and we can heal with love. It has been very amazing.
    Anne-Marie - Panama
  • Alexa - France
    I have trauma when I was a kid. But I thought I have healed in different spiritual level and discovered law of karma at a very young age. Since 8 months ago I have been pushing myself too much even though I have everything; good health, doing good in my life, surrounded by people who love me. I started to burn out. Then I realized I was not done yet with my grieves, back when I was a kid. On the second day I thought I could never finish the retreat, until good memories from my childhood came to my mind. It was liberating. The healing was happening! In the session of ‘love and kindness’ meditation, it was not a success one for me, but at the second session I flowed it to my heart, and when I flowed it to my liver I felt the strong fireworks, that caused me trouble of sleeping at night. I kept doing the breathing exercise, then I felt that the healing was started again. I have to continue this practice and keep this peacefulness. I find a sense in this meditation and I am touched by the intention of Pak Merta Ada who dedicates his life in sharing his knowledge.
    Alexa - France
  • Vanessa - France
    Before joining this retreat, I already have good feelings on working with energies. I thought I could never finish the retreat, but now I can say ‘thank you’! It has moved a lot of emotions for me.
    Vanessa - France
  • Michel - France
    I had joined the retreat twice and I want to always practice it. There are many sufferings we don’t realize they exist, and it is very useful to continue the practice. You will feel many different things, but to resume everything you just have to change the way of our life should be. To accept what is happening around us without emotions. I believe through meditation we can protect ourselves, the nature, and the environment.
    Michel - France
  • Benjamin - France
    I was not too convinced before I decided to come here. At first, it was hard for me to do the meditation, but after that it was much easier because we went deep to our issues, and to the healing process, just like what I have expected! I will definitely add meditation to the value in my life. Meditation is certainly a great tool for the future, to help us with difficulties we face daily.
    Benjamin - France
  • Denny - Indonesia
    I found my ‘aha’ moment during this retreat. Coming from a busy environment with my job and duties, I needed this. When we did body scan, it threw me to the time when I was a naughty kid. My father used to scold me and compared me with my naughty cousin, that I did not want to be associated with. Subconsciously, I had been trying to fit in. Then I realized that I don’t need to fit in. Finding that thought really was liberating, helps me to adjust to who I really am and reconnect with myself. It has been amazing doing this retreat in such a beautiful place. I have beautiful feelings. The retreat helps me to be very centred.
    Denny - Indonesia
  • Didit - Indonesia
    I have an autoimmune called Sjogren’s syndrome and that affects the dryness in my shoulder and joints. The pain will appear when I’m too fatigued or stressed out. After several medical treatments I felt alright and nearly healed, however, I still suffered. I thought this might be from my mind, that’s why I sought for another treatment and I found this retreat. After 6 nights in the retreat, I felt there were branches tied on my left chest, I focused on the breathing and I was able to distant myself from my feelings and my worries. I was mindful! Those tied branches then released themselves, and I felt really light. All of these years I had let myself thinking about things too deep and I suffered from it. It is all in the mind. Something that I thought was a curse, not to be able to get rid of the suffering, now I think it actually is a cure. I believe we do not need to seek for remedies from outside. It actually within us. This retreat helps me.
    Didit - Indonesia
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