Ella – Passion for Yoga

    Ella’s passion for yoga has started from an early age in New Zealand and Australia, and has brought her to travel and live around the world, including India, where she has studied and completed hundreds of hours of teacher training course and helped to run a yoga studio, and Bali, where she has decided to settle currently to do teacher training and yoga retreats. She has grown to understand the power of yoga – and how it could provide healing and transformation to students of all ages with various health conditions. To put this understanding into practice, Ella continued to deepen her knowledge and completed training with the Therapeutic Trainings of Kaya Yoga Therapy. To access healing, Ella loves to teach students to mindfully connecting movement with breath for a gentle restorative session. Passionate about meditation and finding different ways to calm the mind and connect to the present moment, Ella leads Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Restorative Yoga sessions, as well as Breathwork and Meditation classes. In addition, she is also a practicing Reiki healer, helping to bring balance to the energy centre of the body.
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