Melani Koch – Balancing Energy Through Reiki Healing

    With a touch of her fingers and mastery of Reiki healing techniques, Melani Koch will help you unlock divine life force energy buried deep within your own consciousness. Reiki consists of two Japanese words, rei, which means higher power, and ki, which means life force energy. Reiki energy is an extremely low frequency electro-magnetic energy that could stimulate healing effects on bones, nerves, and other parts of the body. Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique aiming to balance the energies of your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, allowing blockages to break apart and fall away. Through masterful deployment of healing energies, a Reiki Master Healer will be able to supply your life force energy and maximizing your own ability and potential to heal yourself. With a Reiki healing treatment, Melani will provide 60 minutes or 90 minutes experience which include consultation and a session at the treatment table (guests will remain clothed). Treatment can be provided on a hands-on contact or a non-contact basis. Each treatment is adapted to guests’ need, based on the result of the initial consultation, and will be concluded also according to guests’ need, whether it be meditation or consultation. With a strong sense of compassion, Melani invites guests to find wisdom in their own soul, reconnect with their truest essences, and form a deep, trusting and loving relationship with their own selves, enabling you to finally relax and find true clarity and peace of mind.
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