Putu Aliki – Relaxation with Yoga

    A certified Ashtanga yoga teacher and practitioner from Bali, Putu Aliki teaches yoga especially for beginner. After learning dynamic hatha and vinyasa yoga in 2008 for her own practice, Aliki took teacher training class in 2017 and was soon obtaining 200 hours of teacher training certifications for Ashtanga and Hatha Classic from a certified Yoga Alliance studio. She has since studied further from several workshops and retreats. She believes in treating ourselves with gentleness, providing adjustments and several options of movements for students when it comes to their postures and asanas according to their capability. She also aims for a relaxing and therapeutic experience through her classes, and she welcomes those who have no knowledge of yoga at all, those with muscles injuries or lack of flexibility, practitioners who have been lacking motivation to consistently practice, as well as those with problems that block their peace of mind. Aliki will feel like she has done a great job if students could maintain their own breathing, get in touch with their inner strengths and self-awareness, and finally, master their asanas without the triggering any injury. Aliki teaches Ashtanga Beginner, Hatha Classic, and Slow Flow Relaxation with Yin Yang variation.
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