Dora - The Power Of Yoga And Ayurveda

    Arriving in Bali after a long journey from Berlin to study yoga, meditation, pranayama techniques, as well as Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and Ayurveda in-depth throughout India, including Goa, Karnataka, and Kerala area, as well as a stint teaching vinyasa yoga and yin yoga in Weligama, Sri Lanka, Dora is keen to share her understanding of the nuances of Yoga and therapeutic powers of Ayurveda, starting from creative yoga sessions addressing chakra system and work with intention to Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and Ayurvedic nutrition to help people find healing.
    She combines various vinyasa yoga movements, breathing methods and meditation to create a unique and therapeutic class experience for guests, whether in group or private setting. She has also been practicing various yoga styles for more than 14 years, such as Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Anusara, and Jivamukti Yoga.
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