Sarah is an Australian clinical nutritionist whose holistic practice favours a food-as-medicine approach and the integration of evidence-based science with traditional medical wisdom. Sarah works with patients to address root causes of health conditions and believes consideration of gut health and the biochemical signalling between the nervous system and the microbiome is integral to all body and mind healing. Hippocrates said ‘all disease begins in the gut’, and as such, achieving optimal wellbeing is pursued via anti-inflammatory disciplines that nurture the mind-gut-connection and promote sustainable habits.

    Sarah’s consultations involve a thorough case evaluation and assessment, after which patients are provided with tailored treatment plans that include diet and lifestyle prescriptions, supplementation regimes when necessary, and comprehensive resources customised to individual needs and preferences. Empowering clients with knowledge and education about their unique body tendencies and processes is fundamental to achieving long-term wellness, and thus Sarah takes great care to instill such understandings and ensure enthusiasm for prosperous health.

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